PVC-U Pressure Pipes (AENOR)

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The PVC-U pressure pipe system for water supply is an excellent alternative when compared to systems made of non-plastic materials, due to its high strength, lower density, greater flexibility, longevity and high chemical resistance.

These pipes follow the specifications defined in the UNE EN ISO 1452-1 and -2 standards, taking into account a value of MRS 25.0 MPa and Design Coefficients at 23 °C of C=2.5 MPa (Ø ≤ 90 mm ) and C=2.0 MPa (Ø ≥ 110 mm).

The formulation with which UNE EN ISO 1452 W pressure PVC-U pipes are manufactured must be prepared with PVC resin, to which the necessary additives are added to facilitate production by extrusion.


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